Collecting, analyzing and qualifying mass data – an exciting, but for many clients a new and, above all, very sensitive issue. With more than 30 years of experience, deecoob has the necessary know-how to assist clients in this field professional. We not only provide you with important data, but also the appropriate service to qualify and interpret the data.

The service portfolio of deecoob includes copyright observation, content exploration, market monitoring, reputation reporting, data crawling and data analytics.

Our unique selling point is the combination of “deecoob insight” (smart data platform for automatic data crawling and processing of mass data) and “deecoob service” (workflows for manual processing of mass data, data analysis and data qualification).

Our passion is permanent “deep content observation” = “deecoob” for our customers.

The deecoob group is a combination of deecoob Technology GmbH and deecoob Service GmbH. We are your full service provider with more than 50 specialists. Collecting societies, finance, insurance and other service and production companies as well as public administration are using and benefiting from our service portfolio.

Talents wanted and opportunities

You are enthusiastic about analytical tasks and courageous to ask unconventional questions? You like to think around the corner? You already have professional experience as software developer, administrator, data scientist or research professional in the field of smart data or you are a motivated career changer, graduate and professional beginner?

Then become a part of deecoob! We not only appreciate customers who want to break new ground, but also employees who are prepared to engage in an exciting work environment.